Christoph Bornschein

CEO at Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr GmbH

Christoph Bornschein (*1983) is one of the three founders and CEOs of the German digital transformation agency Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr. Founded in 2008, TLGG developed into a 100-strong agency sought after by international brands and corporations. The German Award for Online Communication named TLGG “Agency of The Year” twice. Berlin-born Bornschein serves and mentors global corporations and companies concerning the strategic and brand-focused implementation of social and digital technologies. He has authored numerous essays and articles on digital change and social media, and he’s a popular speaker and conferences and board meetings. Before breaking through with TLGG, Christoph Bornschein used to work in Online Marketing Management with Frogster Interactive Pictures. He co-founded a number of startups and supported their distribution, marketing and PR. Before that, for time reasons, he took part in a university career, studying law.