Claus Klitholm

Senior Transport Specialist at European Investment Bank

Claus Klitholm is employed at the Projects directorate of EIB as a senior transport specialist, has been employed by EIB for about two years and is the transport coordinator for the ELENA facility. He is an engineer in transport planning from the Technical University of Denmark and has also a diploma in business administration. He has more than 25 years of experience in public transport mainly in the Scandinavian countries, and has worked as a consultant, an operator, an authority and as a vendor. Previously he has for example been Managing Director of a regional railway operator, Director of tenders and franchises in the Danish Transport Agency and Vice President of the Business Development department of the Danish State Railways. Before joining EIB, he was employed by Deloitte Consulting as a trusted advisor to the Danish Ministry of Transport undertaking quality review of business cases and project documentation.