eMobility Solutions

Alfredo Pintos

Founder & CEO

Alfredo has more than 10 years in the energy sector in Uruguay participating in renewable solar photovoltaic and biomass generation projects. In 2017 he founded eMobility Solutions, the pioneer company in the country that is fully dedicated to facilitating the incorporation of zero-emission mobility in corporations and individuals in Uruguay and Latin America. Since then, he has developed several successful electromobility projects such as the incorporation of electric vehicles and charging solutions in various companies with fleet, training courses to car companies to get to understand the technology of electric cars, the supply of charging stations to the local Utility (UTE) and the installation of more than 400 chargers in residences and firms. Alfredo has actively collaborated in developing policies and regulations that facilitate the development of the "ecosystem" of electric mobility in Uruguay. His company is developing the first CPO&EMP in the country.

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