KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik

Dr. Stephan Hell

Product Manager Charging Infrastructure

- Study of Electric Engineering at TH Karlsruhe - PhD on micro electromechanical systems at Fraunhofer Institute IMS Duisburg - Working in the Automotive Supplier Industry for more than 6 years as R&D manager and Quality Manager - Working for a big German utility in the just started electric mobility market for 5 years as a project and product manager incl. aspects of energy supply, trading and billing. Also member of the working task force to define and found Hubject - Joining an international charge point operator 2016 as head of research and development to drive all system aspects of electric mobility : smart charging, Plug&Charge, high power charging, IT system definition - Return to KOSTAL to drive the product development of new charging infrastructure for “energy integrated” charging ( PV charging, bidirectional charging ) AC and DC and to use the long term KOSTAL experience in power electronic industrialization ( PV inverter, on board charger, DC/DC converter… )

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