Tatu Kulla


Tatu Kulla has been CEO Plugsurfing since early 2021. Before joining Plugsurfing, he worked at Finnish energy supplier Fortum for more than 14 years – in his last position as Head of System Optimisation and Fuel Management. In his various responsibilities at Fortum, he accompanied several pilot projects. These included piloting lithium-ion batteries in grid scale in various applications and building a platform to manage flexible energy demand in order to support power system. From 2019 to 2020, he was also instrumental in the digitalisation of district heating, which enables electrification of heating and cooling. At Plugsurfing, the graduate electrical engineer drives topics such as corporate and brand strategy. He was responsible for the merger of Plugsurfing and Charge&Drive, which led to the development of the Plugsurfing Power Platform, Plugsurfing’s latest backend offering for charge point operators.

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