Center for Transportation Research Argonne National Laboratory

Theodore Bohn

Principal Electrical Engineer

Mr. Bohn is with the Center for Transportation Research at Argonne National Laboratory, which is near Chicago IL. He is a principal electrical engineer in the EV-Smart Grid Interoperability Center, identifying and validating interoperability issues related to PEV charging systems. He actively serves on SAE, IEEE, and EV charging standards committees, including safety standards. His current area of focus is on high power (megawatt level) multi-port charging systems with integrated storage and active load management for DC distribution topologies. He leads US National working group for Weights and Measures related to commercial dispensing of electricity as a fuel. Mr. Bohn received his BS and MS degree in electrical engineering at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. He holds an adjunct faculty position at University of Wisconsin-Madison where he has developed and delivered EV charging safety related education and training materials.

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