smopi® Mulit Chargepoint Solution GmbH

Tobias Franz

Sales Project Manager

After being self-employed for several years Tobias decided to leave something more after he will be gone than a big pile of trash. He became a commercial customer advisor in the car industry and soon took over the responsibility for the first European build electric cars. That was a decade ago. He continued his education as an e-mobility specialist and fleet management consultant. But there was more to do in this growing market. So he helped companies to electrify their vehicle fleet and trained the employees of car dealers to cope better with changes in that special market. With all that experience he saw the biggest lever for a better world in expanding the charging infrastructure with one of the most underrated companies. In his job at smopi® he contributes full conviction to turning the young story into a big company. A holistic ecosystem has emerged from a beer coaster concept!

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