Kevin Valdek

“Kevin Valdek is CTO and co-founder of HIGH MOBILITY, the leading platform for apps working with personalized car data. During his many years in software development, Kevin has dabbled in numerous programming languages and platforms, but it was thanks to his exposure to the connected car industry via a large-scale connected vehicle project for the likes of Jaguar Land Rover and Fiat-Chrysler that he first became aware of the gap between traditional product development and digital services. As a developer himself, Kevin knew the importance of providing a first-class universal car data interface for app developers who wished to build and run new mobility services.

His discovery of the disconnect between the two sides of this evolving industry led him to found HIGH MOBILITY in 2013 with his co-founder Risto Vahtra and opening an office in Berlin. Their goal was to bridge the gap between app developers and car makers and in doing so provide a platform whereby these two delicately balanced ecosystems could interact and collaborate to produce the highest quality services for car users possible. Today it’s already possible to work with personalized car data from BMW, MINI and Mercedes-Benz through the HIGH MOBILITY platform, with more car makers to be added over the coming months.”