Nikolaus Sauer

Nikolaus Sauer joined BYTON as one of the early employees in summer 2016 in the Munich office. The fascination for being part of building up an OEM from scratch was an important reason to join the company, while the challenge of developing electric vehicles and services that will push the boundaries of smart user experience drives him daily to rethink the status quo.

Since the beginning of 2018, Nikolaus is leading BYTON’s smart charging and energy-related developments, with the mission of making charging a painless end-to-end user experience, integrated into the overall digital ecosystem of BYTON as well as the wider grid and energy landscape. He and his team take the central role in connecting the dots between all charging and energy stakeholders, preparing BYTON for an increasingly connected interaction between customer, machine, and infrastructure.

Before joining BYTON, Nikolaus was a senior consultant at Bombardier Transportation, supporting the build-up of the e-Mobility program PRIMOVE and leading Bombardier’s cross-portfolio li-ion traction battery platform strategy. In this position, he also gained his first China experience while managing a customer project in Nanjing and set up Li-ion battery service operations in one of Bombardier’s local Joint Ventures.

Having developed and then driven an electric sports car 26.000 km from Alaska to Argentina in 2010 as a project partner (Racing Green Endurance), Nikolaus was part of the electric vehicle revolution from the very beginning. This adventure inspired Nikolaus to continue working on solutions bringing electric vehicles closer to commercial viability and formed the start of his career in this dynamic industry.

Following the successful completion of the Pan-American road-trip, Nikolaus co-founded Vantage Power, a company specializing in the development of diesel-electric hybrid powertrain solutions. Vantage Power was recently acquired by Allison Group.

Outside of work, Nikolaus is a classic car enthusiast and petrol head at heart. He also enjoys cooking and has been expanding his horizons with new flavors and ingredients since moving to Shanghai to support BYTON.