What measures are taken to minimize the risk of participation?

We take all measures necessary to ensure the greatest possible safety for our guests and employees. To this end, we are in direct contact with the relevant authorities, who provide us with advice. In addition to intensified hygiene measures (including increased cleaning intervals, area-wide disinfection facilities, close-meshed ventilation plan), general, as well as specific rules of conduct, apply. The latter includes a no-handshake policy and a general mask requirement. In addition, the greatest possible distances will be ensured on-site, for example in the seating of lecture rooms, in the planning of the exhibition area, and in the catering areas. In order to ensure the greatest possible spacing, both the number of participants and the number of exhibitors will be limited. Check-in for the event will be contactless.

What happens if I cannot attend or my company prohibits me from attending at short notice?

In this case, the ticket can be converted into a virtual ticket free of charge.

What happens if the event gets postponed?

Both tickets and exhibitor and sponsorship packages remain valid for the alternative date. Booked tickets can be transferred to colleagues free of charge.


Do I have to print out my ICNC21 ticket?

No, if you have a smartphone with a standard screen resolution, that's enough for us. Necessary for our systems is the QR code that is on your ticket!

Where can I purchase an on-site or digital ICNC21 ticket?

  • Click here to get to the ticket store.
  • Access to the event is only possible if you have purchased a ticket online in advance.
  • You will receive your access authorization by E-Mail.
  • After receiving the confirmation, you will receive a separate email with personalized access to the ICNC21 event app – the digital platform of the intercharge network conference.
  • PLEASE NOTE – Access to the on-site ICNC21 is limited, meaning we can only offer a limited contingent this year.
  • There is no ticket sale on-site.


How to participate in a workshop?

Participation in the ICNC workshops is possible digitally on-site, depending on your ticket category.

Participation in the ICNC workshops is possible digitally on-site, depending on your ticket category.

Why do I have to register for a workshop in advance?

The tickets are limited to the number of available seats in the workshop area of ICNC21. Therefore, only people who have booked a workshop online in advance are granted access.

How can I register for a workshop?

Participants of the event will be actively informed about the bookable workshops. Registration is done online in advance via the ICNC Ticket Shop. Registration is through an application process coordinated by each workshop sponsor. You will receive your access authorization as soon as the sponsor has confirmed your participation. The basic requirement for workshop participation is the purchase of an on-site or digital event ticket.


How do I get access to the on-site event?

Scan your printed ticket or the digital QR code at the contactless registration desk. Make sure to bring a FFP-2 mask.


Can appointments made within the app be transferred to my personal calendar?

All appointments and event items that are noted in your app can be exported to your personal calendar.

Does the ICNC21 Application comply with the general data protection regulation (GDPR)?

The ICNC21 Application complies with the current version of the general data protection regulations (GDPR), meaning no personal data is transferred.

When and how will you get access to the platform?

Ticket holders, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors will have access to the platform from the end of March 2021. You will receive your personalized login data after purchasing your ticket successfully by e-mail.

Where can I download the app?

The ICNC21 application is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Having trouble logging in?

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the support via e-mail at


3 G Rule in Germany

To access the ICNC or any hotel in Germany, you need to have a digital or hard copy proof that you were either tested against, vaccinated against, or have recovered from COVID-19.

How can I prove I am fully vaccinated?

If you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, you can prove your status by presenting your yellow vaccination booklet, or your digital vaccination certificate, which you can display on your smartphone. Please note that you are only perceived as fully vaccinated after 14 days of your last vaccination shot. The approved vaccines for Germany are BioNTech, Janssen, Moderna and AstraZeneca.  If you haven’t yet received your digital certificate, speak to your doctor or a pharmacy.

How can I prove I have recovered from COVID-19?

If you have recovered from coronavirus, you can present your positive test result as proof. The test result is valid from 11 to 180 days after you tested positive. You can also download your positive test result onto either the Corona-Warn-App or the CovPass app to receive a digital certificate.

What kinds of tests are accepted?

If you are neither vaccinated nor recovered, you will need to present a negative test result. You can present a negative PCR test no more than 48 hours old, or a negative rapid antigen test that is a maximum of 24 hours old. There will be a rapid antigen test location at EUREF Campus but please consider the waiting time that might occur at the location. If you want to organize your test beforehand you can book a test here.

To access the ICNC or any hotel in Germany, you need to have a digital or hard copy proof that you were either tested against, vaccinated against, or have recovered from COVID-19.

General rules of conduct

  • Sneeze or cough only into the crook of the arm or into a handkerchief
  • Throw handkerchiefs after use in the trash
  • Stay at home if you have a fever or cough
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap for 20 - 30 sec.
  • Refrain from shaking hands or giving hugs - Keep at least 1.5m distance wherever possible
  • In case of signs of a respiratory infection such as cough, cold, or fever, stay at home
  • Avoid touching mouth, eyes, or nose with hands

Further Notes

  • We take additional measures beyond regulatory requirements as needed.
  • Symptomatic persons are not allowed to enter the event.
  • A medical service and a hygiene officer are on site.
  • Visitor navigation with doors open or passable without contact.

Mandatory masks

  • Medical mouth and nose protection (FFP-2 mask) are obligatory to ensure others' protection and may only be taken off at the fixed standing and seating areas.
  • Exceptions to this rule apply to: - Areas where the organizer provides seats at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other.
  • Persons exempt from the obligation to wear a mouth-nose covering under §4 Para. 3 of the SARS-CoV-2-Infection Protection Ordinance/Berlin and who can show proof of this when entering the premises, these are Persons who are unable to wear mouth-to-nose coverings due to a medical condition or disability. Persons for whom other devices are used to reduce the spread of transmissible droplet particles.

No-Handshake Policy

Shaking hands is strictly prohibited - at least this year.


  • Mealtimes will be extended, and more stations will be scheduled.
  • Food counters are equipped with safety guards. Food will only be served by service or buffet staff.
  • Adaptation of the catering offer to the new distance and hygiene standards.
  • On-site caterers are required to adhere to ICNC21 protection and hygiene rules for food preparation and serving, as well as waste disposal.


  • Cleaning intervals are shortened, and disinfectants are constantly available.
  • Sanitary facilities are cleaned at a high rate.
  • Touched surfaces (e.g., counters, tables, handrails) are cleaned more frequently.
  • Increased cleaning intervals in high traffic areas and contact points (e.g., sanitary facilities, handrails, door handles, elevator buttons).
  • Disinfection of exhibition booths after each day of the show and opportunity for exhibitors to clean surfaces during the event
  • Access to the sanitary areas is limited and controlled by our staff.


  • We provide fresh air at all times through a tight ventilation plan.
  • Air conditioning with 100% fresh air supply in all event rooms.
  • The ventilation system with supply and exhaust air will provide the necessary air exchange throughout the event.
  • The EUREF-Campus has an in-house fresh air system that ensures that fresh air is supplied on one side and stale air is exhausted to the outside on the other.


  • We limit the number of participants and exhibition stands to ensure the greatest possible distance, which is at least 1.50 m
  • Separate entrance and exit or one-way streets at bottlenecks.
  • Ensuring the spacing rules in all areas through generous terrain area
  • Seating plans take into account the new safety clearances – 1,5 m distance.
  • Additional security personnel to ensure compliance with general spacing regulations.
  • Hand washing and disinfection facilities are provided at a sufficient distance.
  • Exhibits will be arranged to avoid clusters of trade show attendees.
  • The exhibitor must appoint a person present at the stand to act as a contact person for compliance with hygiene and distance regulations, such as the disinfection of usable surfaces. Exhibitors are required to carry out regular hygiene checks, e.g., of exhibits.
  • Masks are mandatory if the distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained – inside and outside.

Workshop - COVID

Seating in the workshop area is limited. This means that you need to reserve your spot in advance through an application process. You will get access to the workshop area max. 10 minutes before start. The workshop is over; you will have to leave the workshop area, even if you have booked another workshop afterward. You are allowed to remove your mouth-nose covering while listening.


  • The registration process on-site will be completely contactless.
  • We avoid queues by using a parallel check-in model.

Data acquisition

We record all important data for follow-up care within the framework of legal requirements (SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Ordinance and the resulting hygiene framework concept for events). Recordings will be automatically deleted for weeks after the ICNC21. All participants are known to us by name and your presence is recorded. You will need your name badge throughout your ICNC21 visit. The name badge will be scanned every time you enter or leave the EUREF-Campus to record check-in and out times. Our attendance documentation takes place on a self-sufficient secondary system and does not contain any personal data, it is anonymized. Only if there is a justified need and exclusively for Corona contact tracking, the data is supplemented with the legally required data from our ICNC21 ticketing system via a participant ID and transferred to the responsible health authority.